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Desert Sage K9 Academy 

Train a 

Balanced Dog...

Helping Dogs Connect with Their Owners

Fix Your Dog's





With Idaho's #1 Best 

 Canine Educator 


  • Did you just adopt a dog and want to help it adapt to the new home?
  • Is it impossible to walk your dog without he/she pulling you or lunging at other dogs or people?
  • Do you avoid having company over because your dog barks at and jumps all over your guests?
  • Is your dog reactive to other dogs or people?
  • Are you afraid that your dog's unpredictable behavior might result in a bite?

Puppy Owners....

  • Do you want to get your puppy off to the right start?
  • Are you frustrated by your puppy's biting, nipping or chewing?
  • Is your puppy peeing in the house? 
  • Has your puppy's crying led you to give up on crate training? 
  • Is it impossible to walk your puppy on a leash? 
  • Does your puppy play "Catch Me if You Can" instead of coming when called?

If you answered "Yes" to ANY 

of these Questions...

Scheduling your dog's FREE evaluation with 

 Ada County's #1 Dog Trainer is 


Here's Why...

Firstly, we aren't like any other Dog Training or Behavior business.  Our Programs are completely customized based on your dogs current situation, and your relationship/behavior goals with them. It's NOT a "One Size Fits All" training. We don't train every dog the same because not every dog is the same. 

Secondly, we provide unlimited free phone and email support for the life of your dog! This is a part of our Desert Sage K9 Academy Promise. 

Call NOW To Schedule 

Your FREE Evaluation 

(208) 509-7245

What's All Included 

In Your Dog's FREE Evaluation?...

~ We Will Come To You ( In home or meet at a central Location) 

~ We Evaluate Your Dog's Currant Behavior Issues & Bad Habits

~ We Will Tell you Why or What Is Causing Your Dog's Unwanted                                  Behavior

~ We'll Create a Custom Training Plan To Fit Your Goals, Lifestyle &                              Environment

~ No Program Commitment Required


We get didn't know your puppy would have a complete meltdown every time you left the house. Or pull you down the street towards another person or dog. Also, no one could have predicted that little Charlie would growl at you over food. And you never thought that you adopted an aggressive puppy who seemed perfectly fine the first few days...Little Stinkers!

  • Even if you have tried another trainer before. 
  • Even if you feel like you have tried everything. 
  • Even if you have tried putting your dog on medication. 
  • Even if you have given up hope. 

INSTEAD, I want you to imagine what life would be like with a dog that listens to you instead of blowing you off 

It IS possible...SERIOUSLY!! 

NEVER FEAR...We're here to tell you we have trained Hundreds of dogs & puppies just like yours and that...

You CAN have an amazing relationship with your dog that you have always wanted. 

There is no other Obedience Training company that I would ever go to than Desert Sage K9 Academy. They handled my dog well. Were never harsh, but firm in what they say. I always thought Firm meant being mean, but what they explained is that it means being Consistent and sticking to the plan.

I think my Brena was a little stubborn but they were right sticking to it really paid off. I love my dog and I am glad I took the classes with Richard and Paula.

Mike G

There are not enough words to express how much gratitude I have for Richard and Paula for their knowledge and training skills.

I adopted a rescue and after a few months, the real dog came out and it was NOT good. He was out of control and had some aggression issue.

Richard came out, did an evaluation and after just 30min, he had my dog responding like I had never seen in the 3mo I have had him. No more needed to be said, I was sold and 8mo later...I have never regretted the decision.

Abigail C

Call Now to Reserve Your FREE Evaluation

(208) 509-7245

Customer Satisfaction

Over 30yrs in Business

Helping Dogs with People Problems 

Certified Trainers



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